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Tai Chi Classes

The Taichi Group offers 3 weekly Taichi Qigong classes for beginner & intermediate levels at the following updated schedule:

Schedule for the Spring & Summer 2018 : 

** Off on Holidays **

Monday  3 pm – 4 pm  Taichi Qigong by Mr. Zhang

Wednesday 8 am – 9 am   Healing Qigong  by Yingxing/Hai-Dee

Thursday 8 am –9 am  Taichi Qigong by Mr. Zhang

Master Zhang has years of teaching experience on 24-form Yang’s Taichi, Chen’s Taichi, Taichi sword, Taichi fan and 24-form Huanyuan Qigong in Beijing with teacher’s certificate. His teaching is very thorough in details to integrate body, mind & Qi, to build up balance, strength & positive energy, to relieve stress and achieve a happy & healthy life!

For further information please contact:
Hai-Dee Lee 631.902.5252 or
Mike Schaefer, 631.742.2595



This group will meet at the Bates House on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30pm. 30-minute walk, 25-minute yoga, followed by meditation, and finishing with chocolate.  All welcome. If children attend, they must be able to sit quietly through yoga and meditation. Spring dates: Thursdays – starting May 3rd. Registration is necessary. Sponsored by Community Growth Center – please call 631.240.3471 or visit this link to sign up:


Gentle Yoga by Donation

Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10AM at the Bates House. This class will focus on therapeutic yoga for increased body awareness and movement for everyday life. All postures can be modified if you are unable to sit comfortably on the floor. This type of yoga will be beneficial for everyone, especially for beginners, seniors, and those recovering from an injury or surgery.


Writing Workshop

Tuesday mornings at 10AM at the Bates House, this Writing Workshop is free and open to all. This will be an informal group designed for anyone who has wanted to write but doesn’t know where to start, as well as for writers who have had experience writing but are looking for a structured setting to help them pursue their work.


Meditation with Joe Edley

Thursdays at 10am at the Bates House. Classes are free and open to all. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and teach others how to use it to enrich their lives.” – Joe Edley


Bird Walks with Luci Betti-Nash

Join us on the second Saturday of every month following the bird walks at Avalon Park and observe the waterfowl who inhabit our waters at this time of the year.