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We no longer allow fishing at the Frank Melville Park.  Unfortunately, wildlife continued to be entangled in line, hooks, and debris left behind causing great concern and injuries.


To ensure the safety of our wildlife and park friends, humans and dogs, we ask that drones are not brought into the park.


Wedding photography/wedding parties are strictly prohibited in the Frank Melville Park UNLESS you are renting the Bates House for your wedding. Unfortunately, the park had been over-run by wedding parties, limos entering, beer and champagne bottles thrown into the pond, and debris left behind.

Photography Rules:

Photography passes are available. The cost of the annual pass is $250.00 for a single photographer. If you are a photographer affiliated with a company, and more than one photographer will be photographing in the park, each photographer from the company will need to purchase a pass. Along with obtaining a photography pass, all photographers must sign a Photography Rules Agreement, which will outline the rules of the park. We ask all photographers to follow the rules so the integrity of the park can be maintained at all times.

How do I obtain a pass?

Kindly email us! Send us your name, photography studio, address, and telephone number. We will then email you the PRA form – please read, sign, and send back with your $250.00 photo pass fee.

To whom do I make my check payable?

Frank Melville Park

Do I write anything specific on my check?

Yes, please write, “Photo Pass” on the subject line.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, we do not.

Do you accept a bank check?

Yes, we do.

Where do I send my check and signed agreement?

Frank Melville Park

P.O. Box 2967

Setauket, NY 11733

How fast will I get the photo pass?


What kind of picture(s) can I take in the park with a photo pass?

Portraits, engagement photos, family photos, furry families, kids, still life…

What kind of pictures can I NOT take in the park?

Wedding pictures – brides, grooms, and wedding parties.

I am a wildlife photographer. Do I need a photo pass?


I am a student. Do I need a photo pass?

Yes, you do need a photo pass but if you send the park a copy of your student picture ID, you will receive a pass for free.

Am I allowed to have a commercial photo shoot at the park?

Commercial photo shoots (film, TV, commercial/print ads) are strictly PROHIBITED in the Frank Melville Park.

If I am visiting the park with my family, and we’d like to take pictures, do I need a photo pass?

You do not need a photo pass.

If I am a professional photographer shooting babies and children, may I bring a blanket for them to sit on?


Can I bring a stool or chair for them to sit on?

NO props can be brought into the park. We have lovely benches children can sit on.

What is considered a prop?

Balloons, giant teddy bears, signs, beds, chairs, wooden crates, fake Christmas trees, sleds, fake snow. Please leave “the stuff” back at the studio.

Do I need to carry my photo pass when coming to the park?

Yes, your photo pass must be with you when photographing in the park. If you are stopped by security, and your pass was left back at the studio, you will be asked to leave the park.

The Frank Melville Park is a beautiful backdrop for photographers to bring clients to, as well as a community gem for all to share. The park is privately owned and can only sustain its beauty from Friends like you making a much-appreciated donation. The donation you give to the park will go towards keeping our grounds and buildings pristine and beautiful for you to enjoy and photograph. Giving makes the heart feel happy. Thank you for your donation to the Frank Melville Park.


  • No alcohol allowed in the park.
  • No giant lighting equipment allowed in the park. A hand-held light and reflector is fine. Please leave the big stuff and tripods back at the studio.
  • No limos allowed in the park – EVER.
  • Photographers, please respect the community members who will be walking in the park. Please let them pass first if you are photographing at the bridge or on the pathway.



Dog Etiquette

Pets are welcome only when leashed and picked up after.

Junior, a handsome park friendJunior, a handsome park friend

jake-and-donFriends of the Park and best friends forever, Jake and Don