Save the Swans

Elaine Maas, the education coordinator of the Four Harbours Audubon Society, educated us at our August summer program on NYS’s plan to eliminate and maim our mute swans. All of us wanted to know what we could do to protect our beloved swan family as well as other innocent birds residing on Long Island. Here’s what she said:

“Four Harbours Audubon Chapter asks for your support to see that the Bills calling for a Moratorium before Governor Cuomo are both signed. The Bills are Senate: S 06630 and Assembly: A 09289. Please call or email the governor’s office: 518-474-8390 and

In addition, we ask for your creative thoughts and energy to save our swans and preserve the right of our children to witness cygnets in their environs. It is our firm belief that mute swans serve a wonderful educational purpose as stewards to the environment. Children and adults alike can observe nature in front of their eyes at their local parks and wetlands. It is this sense of wonder, instilled at an early age, that inspires children to care about wildlife and work to preserve it as adults.  Please contact us at to learn more.”