Swan in Distress

The Frank Melville Park would like to thank members of the community who came together over these past two weeks to help a swan in distress. As you know, the park allows fishing through our fishing club. We stress time and time again how important it is NOT to leave behind fishing hooks and line pond inhabitants get easily tangled and attached to it. Sadly, this is what happens to our wildlife when rules are not followed. The enormous hook attached to this swan’s leg is certainly not the kind of hook that should ever be used in our catch and release club.

This swan suffered for weeks, as he was not able to fly and catching him became quite difficult as the pond started to freeze over. Thankfully, this story ended happily but not without hard work and dedication from members of our community.

Thank you, Bill Pfeiffer, Matthew Keeley, and Patricia Amendolia for your expertise, bravery, and dedication. The entangled line was cut free from the leg and the swan was released back into the pond later the same day after seeing a local veterinarian. Special thanks to John Turner for volunteering and to Anita Jo Lago for always keeping a watchful eye over our park wildlife.

*Update: this swan, along with an injured goose, had to be rescued, yet again, on 1/10 because of fishing line. Please remember, the pond is their home, not ours.

Park Friends, let’s all continue to work together to keep wildlife safe at our beautiful park.