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The Ponds

We appreciate your interest in the ponds. This fall, once our draft environmental impact statement is complete, we will begin the community dialogue for our plan to save the ponds.

Our pond committee first assessed and called the community’s attention to this problem in 2007. Among our leadership has been Chuck Hamilton, former regional enforcement official for the New York State DEC. Marian Wypyski, of Lockwood, Kessler and Bartlett, an engineer skilled in pond and water projects, has been with us from the beginning, initially as a volunteer and now our paid project designer.

Many members of the community have contributed both money and the engineering and scientific expertise that our community has in abundance. We have done root cause analysis, testing and analysis of the water and bottom material and have modeled a number of solutions. We have successfully lobbied for storm water runoff controls installed by the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department.

The root cause of the pond’s problem is largely mechanical. The ponds have filled in from their designed depth of 8 to 10 feet to as little as 12 to 18 inches. Dredging is needed to restore the depth and combat the growth of invasive plants rooted in the shallow water. We have struggled with the sheer volume of material to be removed and the high impact options for disposing and de-watering that material.

Last August’s devastating microburst that destroyed our historic sycamore trees has created the opportunity to contain the dredged material on site. The recent blue green algae infestation is a symptom of the underlying problem of water that is too shallow, too warm, and whose flow is impeded. We are looking forward in the next few months to presenting to the community our draft environmental impact statement and plan for saving our ponds.


Tim Glynn
Chairman Pond Restoration Committee